Friday, 31 July 2009

Banana Halwa

Most of the times it so happens that there are Bananas just ripening away. You have limited time to dispose them and the best way to do so is by preparing a halwa. Its definetly a delicacy and the best ones I've had is of course, what Amma prepares and the ones you can buy in Taj Mahal hotel, Mangalore! Drool...

It only requires, Sugar, Ghee and patience!

Ripened Banana (Var. Chiquita)- 4
Sugar- 2 cups
Ghee- 1 cup

Chop Bananas into medium size peices. Add sugar and half the quantity of ghee to the Banana peices. Turn the heat on at medium. The sugar will melt and the Banana will eventually cook and gain a mashy consistency. At this stage, turn the heat to low and let it continue cooking for another half an hour, giving it a mix every 10 minutes. Once the mixture has turned nice brown, add the remaining Ghee and let it cook for another 10 mintues. Remove from heat onto an greased plate. Note: When you use, Nendran banana (variety available in Kerala; Musa paradisiaca L), you may cut them into peices and serve. With any other Banana, it may be served as Halwa in a bowl.

Preparation Time: 45 Minutes
Serves: 4 people


  1. Yummy halwa...thanks for the recipe!

  2. Thanks for posting this recipe. I love this halwa. Reminds me of my mothers dish.

  3. Thank you for your comments!


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