Sunday, 9 August 2009


Idli is one of the basic recipes but sometimes the basic recipes could be problematic. When I started cooking my idli's always turned harder than what mom made at home. But after continued efforts and persistence, my idli's are better now. Here is the recipe.

Boiled rice or Idli rava - 3 cupsUrad dal/white gram - 1 cup
Method:Soak the rice (if you are not using idli rava) and urad dal seperately for 5-6 hrs.
Grind the urad dal to a very smooth paste adding little water as it should be of a thick consistency. The more it is ground the better the idlis will turn out.
If you are using boiled rice, grind it coarsely adding little water.In case if you are using idli rava instead of rice, wash the idili rava and if the rava is bigger you can grind it with little water for sometime. Do not grind this for long as it should not become too smooth.
Mix the coarsely ground rice or idli rava with the urad dal paste, adding enough salt.

Leave it overnight in a warm place for fermentation.
The next day the volume of the batter would have increased if it has fermented properly.
Once the batter has fermented, grease the idli plate with either oil or ghee.Pour the batter in each plate.
Steam them for around 15 mins. If you are using pressure cooker, do not use the weight.
Leave it for around 5 mins before opening the steamer/cooker. Remove the idlis from the idli plate and serve hot with chutney and sambar.

Preparation time: 25 min
Serves : 4-5


  1. Too tempting...!

  2. Thanks V. Come home to have idli and sambar.

  3. Oh yum, I would love to have that platter!


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