Monday, 7 September 2009

Per Paramanna/ Pal Payasam

'Per' in Tulu language means Milk as in 'Pal' in Malayalam and Tamil. This is a payasam made out of milk with Rice (Anna). The third ingredient is sugar and thats all is required for making this payasam. Pal payasam is one of the delicacies, served in all the auspicious occasions in Kerala. Its prepared in every home during the Onam season as well. As children we used wait eagerly to drink the payasam...So much that, we would reduce eating rice and other vegetable dishes, to equip ourselves to drink as much as payasam we can! Village life, loads of activities...Who was worried about calories then?! Its the new lifestyle, which has replaced Food and Fun with Food and Calories!

The rice, which I'm using here is the Red Matta rice (Also called as Red rice/Rosematta Rice). We get the broken matta rice, which takes lesser time in cooking. Hence, I'm using the broken matta rice. We may use the whole grain rice too. It is a rice with high fibre content and is highly recommended by dieticians for pregnant ladies and growing children. One can skip the multi-vitamin capsules, if having Red matta rice. Such is its glory!

Red Matta Rice- 1/2 cup
Milk- 4 cups
Sugar- 1 1/2 cup

Pressure cook the Rice with a cup of water and a cup of milk. After it has cooked, transfer it to a thick bottomed vessel and add the remaining milk. Also, add the sugar and let the payasam boil in medium heat continuosly for about 45 minutes. Keep stirring constantly. The payasam will attain a thick consistancy and the you will get the lovely rice aroma. Serve hot!

TIP: If you do not have enough time to prepare payasam in such an elaborate manner, then you can use Condensed Milk. After you have transferred the cooked rice-water-milk mixture into a vessel, add just 1/2 cup sugar, remaining milk and 1/2 the tin of Condensed milk. Let it boil for about 15 minutes and an equally tasty payasam is ready!

Preparation Time: 50 Minutes
Serves: 4 People

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