Sunday, 27 September 2009

Vella Payaru/ Karamani Chundal

Chundal is synonymous with Navarathri. It is specially made for distribution as prasadam on all the nine days of the celebration – some sweet and some savory. Chundal refers to lentils/ legumes boiled and garnished with grated coconut. They are very nutritious and rich in protein.

During Navarathri golu, it is customary at home to make sweet chundal on Friday for the goddess. Since we love the Karamani payaru or Black eyed beans, amma (mom) always makes the vella payaru. It is rather easy to prepare and does not require many ingredients.

Here is the recipe.

Karamani/ Black eyed beans - 1 cup
Jaggery - 1/2 cup
Note: You can decrease/increase the quantity of jaggery depending on how much sweet you require.
Grated coconut

Soak the karamani overnight and cook it adding enough water. This should not turn mushy.
Drain off excess water.
Take the jaggery in a pan. Add a little bit of water to it and heat until the jaggery melts completely. Strain this to remove any impurities.
Stir in the cooked beans along with grated coconut and heat for a minute or two until all the moisture evaporates. Switch off the heat. Serve hot or cold.

Note: Optionally you can add cardamom powder.

Preparation Time: Around 20 mins
Serves: 2 people


  1. Looks great!!! my husband loves it...

  2. First time here,liked the header pic...easy and yummy recipe..

  3. Thanks Sangeetha and Vrinda. Keep visiting for more :)


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