Saturday, 14 November 2009

Kai Murukku

Kai murukku evokes memories of wedding. This is one of the important 'Cheeru Bakshanam' (Snacks given to the grooms side during wedding). This is a hand made snack and hence require a lot of patience. Amma prepares one of the best murukku. I admire the way she makes them so evenly. I have tried them and somehow never mastered this art ...

Here is her recipe.

Rice - 6 cups
Urad dal (fried and powdered) - 1/4 cup
Cumin seeds (crushed a little) - 3-4 tsp
Butter - 3 tbsp
Oil - for deep frying

Soak rice for 10 mins. Then drain water thoroughly by keeping it in a colander for 10 mins. Then powder it in a mixer-grinder till it becomes a fine powder. Sieve this further. Sieving is really important to get a fine texture and also to remove any impurities.
Mix the rice flour, urad dal powder, salt, cumin seeds and butter. Add enough water to make a soft batter.

Take a small lemon size dough and use your index and thumb fingers and sprial in circular motion either on news paper or paper towel.

Heat oil in a frying pan.
When it is very hot, carefully slide the murukku and fry on both the sides till they are golden brown.
Drain and remove to a tissue lined container.
Enjoy the fruit of your hard work :)

Preparation time: 40 min
Yield: 30


  1. My what a perfect kai muruku. I want to grab it right away and have a quick bite.

  2. Wow..great job dear...Looks perfect and crispy..

  3. Perfect murukku...Looks delicious and crispy....

  4. Wow.. kai murukku romba kashtam to get the perfect shape, i have tried so many times da.. Ur's looks just perfect! Delicious!

  5. so crispy & delicious...would love to try this type of murukku..looks lovely...

  6. Beautifully made and SO neat! They're looking awesome!

  7. Perfect.... Kudos... I am waiting to come back to India to learn it from my grand mum. She is an expert...

  8. perfect crispy and crunchy!!reminds me of my granny she makes it for me..I love it..i know its difficult to make it get the perfect shape..u did it.:)gr8 job!!!

  9. Its come out so perfect. Good Job!!!. I usually don't prefer the idea of soaking n powdering n sieving. Instead soak par boiled rice + raw rice equal proportion. Grind them in wet grinder using very lil water. Add powdered urad dhal at the end with required butter, cumin seeds, salt, asafoetida. Its the same mixture that u get and far more easy to make the shape. Happy cooking!!!

  10. Perfect and crispy murukkus.. OMG, I miss them so much!! Yours look so tempting!!

  11. love this very much.Moms r really experts.looks very tempting.perfect shape


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