Monday, 26 October 2009

Birthday Bash of Aditya

Last Sunday, we celebrated our little ones second birthday. It was long pending since 7th; which is his birth date. My bundle of joy was waiting for his cake with the knife :P ...I mean to cut it! We had a good gathering and shared some good moments. It was my first venture into arranging for a birthday party and I enjoyed it thoroughly...I had many helping husband, Lakshmi and her husband (awesome twosome!!) and the birthday boy himself :P

We baked the cake and I have to thank Tina of Kaipunyam, a million times for her deadly delicious Chocolate cake recipe. We prepared two layered cake; plain vanilla flavored and chocolate flavored. If it was not for Lakshmi, the cake never would have taken a beautiful look. All thanks to her for beautifying it with chocolate icing and cream decor! I have to learn it...never tried my hands on it.

The menu contained:
1. Chappathi
2. Mattar Paneer
3. Aloo fry
4. Vegetable Pulav
5. Tomato Raitha
6. Curd/Yogurt Rice
7. Gulab Jamun

The recipes for the above mentioned will be coming soon. We had fun cooking, baking and finally eating :) I have definitely learnt a lot of lessons from this experience. Hoping to have more such get-togethers and parties;each time making it better than the former!


  1. Belated b'thday wishes to the little kid.. Cake looks too good vidya! Hats off to lakshmi's icing, looks fun and lovely!

  2. Belated b'day wishes to aditya...Wonderful cake vidhya.the cake looks lovely and perfect bake.

  3. Belated wishes to the little one..seems u had a great time...cake looks lovely & perfect

  4. Happy belated birthday wishes for the little one.the cake looks ravishing.wish for many more joyous and fun filled birthdays for the little one in the future.May he have a bright and prosperous and healthy life.

  5. Belated b'day wishes to Adi.Beautiful cake and nice decoration.

  6. Hey belated Happy birthday to Aditya. The cake looks perfect and moist!

  7. Belated happy birthday to adhitya.and u baked the cake? wow so beautiful.

  8. Belated birthday wishes to Aditya.
    Cake looks perfect with nice decoration

  9. Thank you everybody for those good wishes! Really happy to see you all here!

  10. The cake looks so delicious. Very well baked and belated wishes to your little one.

  11. Hi :) can I ask you where do you buy paneer in Helsinki? Thanks :)


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